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Why Choose Vegas Building Maintenance of Las Vegas?

In an industry that is reported to have a 45% customer loss rate annually....we have not lost one! Why? The companies to which we provide janitorial service have found that Vegas Building Maintenance reliably enhances and perpetuates the excellent company image you have worked hard to obtain. With our uniformed, insured, courteous trained staff of professional technicians you will never be hesitant to bring your two most important assets - your customers and employees- into your work environment. You will have the utmost confidence that the maintenance we provide to your premises keeps it in top-notch condition. We advise you from the beginning what it takes to maintain the premises according to your cleaning needs. Our staff and management are knowledgeable and work efficiently to exceed your expectations.

No Guessing

We work with you to customize a plan to maintain your facility and offices so that there is no guessing about what cleaning services we provide and what you can expect. We will accommodate your work schedule by being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can schedule our service staff to arrive daily, several times weekly, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. It's up to you! We provide janitorial services and maintenance to building locations that range in size from 1,500 to 100,000 square feet.

Product Supply

We can conveniently supply you with most any janitorial product. For instance, paper towels, toilet tissue, sanitary supplies, deodorizing sprays and trash can liners can be included with your commercial cleaning. This leaves you with the peace of mind that your site will be appropriately stocked with these items for use by guests and employees. No need to be embarrassed or inconvenienced by having necessary supplies not stocked. Our rates are competitive for these items and there is no delivery charge to you.


Your site security is uppermost in our minds and you can rest assured that our staff will follow entry and exit procedures to your specifications. We will also report any malfunction of fixtures or equipment to your appropriate personnel. You can count on Vegas Building Maintenance for reliable janitorial services with quality assurance. We Serve Las Vegas Area Businesses. Please call us at (702) 449-4496, e-mail us at

Vegas Building Maintenance is "The Only Sure Bet in Janitorial"

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